550 Warrenville Rd, Suite 102
Lisle, IL 60532
Working Together To Provide Quality Service
     The purpose of the Illinois Adult Day Service Association (IADSA) shall be:

1. To provide opportunities for communication, cooperation and coordination among providers of Adult Day Service in Illinois.

2. To encourage, support and participate in:

a) The promotion of the concept of Adult Day Service

b) The provision of information and resources related to adult day service.

c) The development and implementation of training programs for personnel of adult day service centers.

d) The representation of adult day service in the aging services network.

3. To serve as an advocate for adult day service centers and their members.

4. To provide a single united entity to speak for and to represent adult day service centers in Illinois, especially in interacting with local, state and Federal entities as they create policy, implement legislation and administer funding which affects adult day services.

(IADSA constituion, Article III)